W1: Smart Forests and Agriculture 2025
(SFA 2025)

W2: Intelligent Uncrewed Vehicles mapping Systems (IUVS)

W3: AI for Spatial Data Quality and Uncertainty Modeling in Spatial Analyses

W4: Remote sensing monitoring for urban environment

W5: Vision Metrology and Uncertainty Assessment

W6: Planetary Remote Sensing and Mapping (PRSM2025)

W7: Digital Construction

W8: Laser Scanning 2025

W9: 3D Sensing for Smart Cities

W10: Digital Twins and Open Source Empowered HD Maps for Smart Mobility and

W11: Earth Observation and Geospatial
Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Risk Management

W12: Semantic Scene Analysis and 3D Reconstruction from Images and Image Sequences (Semantics3D)

W13: Applications of Open Standards, IoT, Crowdsourcing, & Intelligent Systems for Smart Cities Governance & Digital Twin Implementation

W14: Resilient High-Precision Positioning, Navigation and Guidance of Autonomous

W15: Climate Change and Geospatial research: advanced geospatial research for a sustainable development through International Cooperation

W16: Data Management and Data Quality for Remote Sensing Scenarios