Home to more than 150 nationalities, Dubai boasts the most modern amenities found anywhere in the world – both in its entrepreneurial business environment, and things to do, see and experience. As the Middle East’s fastest-growing, most dynamic and exciting cosmopolitan city, Dubai is a true melting pot of different cultures and lifestyles.

Dubai Means Business

The best way to understand Dubai’s wonders and achievements is to see them first-hand. The city has firmly established itself as a leading commercial and trade hub with a state-of-the-art infrastructure and a world-class business environment.

Economic Powerhouse

Dubai is at the centre of a bustling region emerging as a major force within the global economy. A region that stretches from North Africa to South Asia and the Caspian Sea to South Africa – that comprises 42 countries and some of the world’s fastest growing emerging markets. Central to Dubai’s ethos is to be a city where it is easy to do business.

Multi-cultural Lifestyle

Expatriates comprise over 80% of Dubai’s population. More than 150 nationalities live and work together within a safe environment with a far lower crime rate than many other major international cities.

World-class Infrastructure

Dubai's increasing global corporations, service firms, SMEs, and financial institutions draw in a skilled workforce. Businesses and expatriates in the city enjoy tax-free advantages. Numerous internationally accredited schools and excellent healthcare options are available. The city also offers eight championship golf courses for recreation.

Diverse Economy

The UAE is recognized for its progressive stance and dedication to open trade. Despite common assumptions, oil revenues contribute to just 30% of the UAE's GDP, and within Dubai, it's around 7%. The city boasts a varied and strong economy with advanced, top-notch office spaces, often found in free zones that permit 100% foreign ownership and tax-free revenue repatriation.

Culture and Etiquette

Dubai is a modern city that welcomes visitors from around the world. Here are some points to help you get familiar with Dubai’s culture and etiquette.