W9: 3D Sensing for Smart Cities

Workshop Overview

High-accuracy and high-efficiency 3D sensing and associated data processing techniques are urgently needing for smart cities. 3D geospatial data acquired by digital photogrammetry or laser scanning or LiDAR systems have become one of the most important data sources to support smart cities applications, such as city infrastructure inventory, city planning, urban design, autonomous driving, etc. This workshop will seek contributions covering advanced topics related to the state of the art and future trends of 3D sensing technology and algorithms for smart city applications. Papers addressing the following topics are welcomed: photogrammetric mapping, LiDAR point cloud processing, Ubiquitous sensing, Cross-modality sensing, etc. The workshop will be part of the ISPRS Geospatial Week 2024 and is hosted the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) in parallel with several related geospatial workshops.

Workshop Theme

  • Airborne photogrammetric mapping for smart cities
  • Airborne LiDAR point cloud processing for smart cities
  • Mobile LiDAR point cloud processing for smart cities
  • UAS-based photogrammetric mapping for smart cities
  • UAS borne LiDAR point cloud processing for smart cities
  • Deep learning methods for smart cities
  • Low-cost multi-sensor systems for smart cities
  • Multi-sensor system design and on-board processing
  • Cross-modality sensing data integration
  • Ubiquitous sensing with sensors in mobile devices

Workshop Organizers

Cheng Wang

Xiamen University, China (WG I/8)

Ayman Habib

Purdue University, USA

Chenglu Wen

Xiamen University, China (WG I/2)

Scientific committee

  • Naser El-Sheimy, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Charles Toth, Ohio University, USA
  • Andrea Lingua, Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy
  • Jiaojiao Tian, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany
  • Ayman Habib, Purdue University, USA
  • Yan Xia, Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • Andrea Masiero, University of Florence, Italy
  • Bisheng Yang, Wuhan University, China
  • Jonathan Li, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Cheng Wang, Xiamen University, China
  • Kai-Wei Cheng, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, China
  • Chun Liu, Tongji University, China


The ISPRS Geospatial Week (GSW) is a combination of workshops organised by about 30 ISPRS Working Groups active in areas of interest of ISPRS.


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